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Domestic and Foreign Experience of Management , UDC: 332.1(470) DOI: 10.25688/2312-6647.2023.36.2.08


  • Alekseicheva Elena Yurievna Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Shinkareva Olga Vladimirovna Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor
  • Kulomzina Elena Yurevna PhD (Economics), Associate Professor


The study describes the identified directions of the socio-economic life of Russia in the post-covid era, based on research by Russian scientists in this area, data from the Federal Tax Service and Rosstat, surveys by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion. It was noted that studies record a weakening of social comfort, an increase in the feeling of social insecurity of citizens, a decrease in the level of individual socioeconomic autonomy of citizens against the background of an increase in economic and social dependence on the state, as well as the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic can become an occasion to deeply rethink management methods, mechanisms of interaction between the state, society, business. The risk is shown that may negatively affect the projected recovery growth of the country’s economy in the future — a decrease in consumer demand due to the growth of savings sentiment of the population.

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Alekseicheva, E. Y., Shinkareva, O. V. & Kulomzina, E. Y. (2023). TRENDS IN THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR OF BUSINESS ENTITIES IN THE POST-COVID ERA Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2023 №2 (36), 98. https://doi.org/10.25688/2312-6647.2023.36.2.08
1. 1. Aleksejcheva E. Yu., Kulomzina E. Yu., Shinkareva O. V. Nalogovy`e mery` podderzhki v svyazi s pandemiej COVID-19: opy`t Rossii [Tax support measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic: experience of Russia] // Nauchnoe obozrenie. Ser. 1: E`konomika i pravo. [Scientific Review. Ser. 1: Economics and Law.]. 2021a. № 3. S. 33–43. DOI: 10.26653/2076-4650-2021-3-03
2. 2. Aleksejcheva E. Yu., Kulomzina E. Yu., Shinkareva O .V. Mery` social`noj podderzhki semej s det`mi dlya smyagcheniya posledstvij pandemii COVID-19 [Social support measures for families with children to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic] // Vestnik Ekaterininskogo instituta. [Bulletin of the Catherine Institute]. 2021b. № 3 (55). S. 4–11.
3. 3. Dinamika promy`shlennogo proizvodstva v sentyabre 2022 goda [Dynamics of industrial production in September 2022] [Electronic resource] // Rosstat. URL: https://rosstat.gov.ru/folder/313/document/185226 (accessed: 21.01.2023).
4. 4. Itogi deyatel`nosti za 2020 god i zadachi na 2021 god. Doklad Federal`noj sluzhby` gosudarstvennoj statistiki [Results of activities for 2020 and tasks for 2021. Report of the Federal State Statistics Service] [Electronic resource] // Rosstat. URL: https://rosstat.gov.ru/storage/mediabank/9sWg9ii3/Doklad_Rosstat_ 2021.pdf (accessed: 21.01.2023).
5. 5. Nexorosheva E. V., Kasatkina D. A., Aleksejcheva E. Yu., Kravchenko A. M. Gorozhane na samoizolyacii: Moskovskij Dekameron [Citizens on self-isolation: Moscow Decameron] [Electronic resource] // Univercity: goroda i universitety` [Univercity: cities and universities]: sb. st. M.: E`kon-Inform, 2020. S. 9–29.
6. 6. Ozhidaetsya, chto chislo smertej ot COVID v Kitae vy`rastet do 36 ty`syach v den` posle kitajskogo Novogo goda [It is expected that the number of deaths from COVID in China will grow to 36 thousand on the day after the Chinese New Year] [Electronic resource] // InoSMI. URL: https://inosmi.ru/20230119/covid-259845451.html?ysclid=ld37spk6fd560067401 (accessed: 20.01.2023).
7. 7. Pandemiya so skidkoj: Rossiya vy`delila na pomoshh` naseleniyu i biznesu v 70 raz men`she Germanii [A pandemic with a discount: Russia has allocated 70 times less than Germany to help the population and business] [Electronic resource] // Forbes Russia. URL: https://www.forbes.ru/biznes/396629-pandemiya-so-skidkoy-rossiya-vydelila-napomoshch-naseleniyu-i-biznesu-v-70-raz-menshe (accessed: 20.01.2023).
8. 8. Paniku smenila ostorozhnost`: rossiyane stali otkazy`vat`sya ot strategii «bol`she tratit`» v pol`zu berezhlivosti. Sociologicheskij opros [Panic was replaced by caution: Russians began to abandon the strategy of «spending more» in favor of thrift. Sociological survey] [Electronic resource] // Rabota v Rossii — SuperJob. [Work in Russia — SuperJob.]. URL: https://www.superjob.ru/research/articles/113702/paniku-smenila-ostorozhnost/ (accessed: 20.01.2023).
9. 9. Rosstat predstavlyaet informaciyu o granice bednosti v I kvartale 2022 goda [Rosstat provides information on the poverty line in the first quarter of 2022] [Electronic resource] // Rosstat. URL: https://rosstat.gov.ru/folder/313/document/168756 (accessed: 20.01.2023).
10. 10. Sberezheniya rossiyan: monitoring [Savings of Russians: monitoring] [Electronic resource] // VCIOM novosti. URL: https://wciom.ru/analytical-reviews/analiticheskii-obzor/sberezhenija-rossijan-monitoring-20221017 (accessed: 20.01.2023).
11. 11. Social`no-e`konomicheskoe polozhenie Rossii – 2021 g. Doklad Federal`noj sluzhby` gosudarstvennoj statistiki [Socio-economic situation of Russia – 2021 Report of the Federal State Statistics Service] [Electronic resource] // Rosstat. URL: https://gks.ru/bgd/regl/b21_01/Main.htm (accessed: 20.01.2023).
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