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Reviewing procedure

1. All manuscripts submitted to “MCU Journal of Economic Studies” and evaluated for compliance with the general requirements of the journal undergo mandatory independent (internal and external) peer-review procedure.

2. After preliminary review, the manuscripts are submitted to the reviewers (the reviewers are anonymous to the authors).

3. The reviewers are chosen from the members of the Editorial Board and the leading Russian scientists who are competent specialists in the relevant fields of science.

4. The review period is 2-4 weeks.

5. The reviewers must provide qualified analysis of the manuscripts and objectively assess them (paying attention to the research relevance, scientific novelty, and practical significance). The reviewers make a recommendation (positive or negative) regarding the acceptance of the manuscripts. In case of a positive review, the manuscripts will be published in the order of general priority.

6. In case the manuscripts are not accepted for publishing, the authors will be sent reasoned refusals within 10 days after the receipt of the negative review(s) and approval(s) by the Editor-in-Chief. The Editorial Board do not further contact the authors of rejected manuscripts.

7. In case the reviews include recommendations for revision of the manuscripts, the authors must revise them and submit them for peer-review again by the deadlines specified by the members of the Editorial Board.

9. A positive review is not a sufficient reason to publish a manuscript. The members of Editorial Board make the final decision on publication.

9. The original reviews are stored in the Publishing Office of the journal for an unlimited term.

10. The peer-review of the manuscripts is free of charge.