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Ethical policy


The editorial policy of the MCU Journal of Economic Studies is based on the traditional ethical principles of Russian scientific periodicals and is built taking into account the ethical standards of the work of editors and publishers enshrined in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for journal publishers (Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers) developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). In the course of its publishing activities, the editorial board of the journal is guided by the international rules of copyright protection, the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and international publishing standards. Editorial ethics provide for a fair and objective peer review process that is independent of commercial interests and market needs.

Editorial policy

The work of the editorial board and the editorial board of the MCU Journal of Economic Studies is supported by the Editorial Board of the Institute of Law and Management of the Moscow City University.

In the MCU Journal open access policy – manuscripts of the MCU Journal of Economic Studies are directly available to everyone, based on the principle that free open access to research results contributes to the increase of universal knowledge.

The MCU Journal uses a “platinum” access model – the authors do not pay, the main funding comes from the founders. The type of Creative Commons license under which the MCU Journal operates is cc by, attribution license. This license allows to redistribute, edit, edit and take your work as a basis for derivatives, even on a commercial basis, with attribution of your authorship. This is the most user-friendly of all the licenses offered. Recommended for maximum distribution and use of licensed materials.

The archival policy of the MCU Journal is aimed at storing and providing free access to archives. The archive consists of the texts of peer-reviewed manuscripts, abstracts and references that are published in the MCU Journal. Information about all manuscripts published in the MCU Journal is also stored in the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.ru. You can carry out an advanced search by journal manuscripts (by keywords, author, title, section). The availability of open archives is also ensured by placing the journal in the public domain on the website of the State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education of the city of Moscow “Moscow City University”.

In addition, the DOI name assigned to each manuscript provides a link (URL) to the permanent location of the manuscript or information about it (metadata) on the Internet.


The Editorial Board strongly supports the basic ethical principles of working with scientific information:

  • impartially, balanced and objectively assesses all incoming materials;
  • when working with materials, he is guided only by the criteria of originality, scientific significance and relevance of texts;
  • before publication, ensures the confidentiality of all materials submitted to her for consideration;
  • guarantees the absence of personal interests in working with materials of third-party authors;
  • fights against plagiarism in all available ways;
  • strictly follows the norms of the legislation, established rules and procedures.

The editors call on the authors of the MCU Journal to consistently and fully comply with ethical norms and standards adopted in the international community and, in particular, strongly recommend:

  • not to allow borrowing from the works of other authors, to cite the sources used in good faith;
  • exclude a conflict of interest, resolve controversial issues before the publication of works that caused a conflict situation;
  • when publishing works performed in co-authorship, respect and indicate the contribution of each author, that is, take into account that all authors make a significant contribution to research, the results of which are published in the journal;
  • not allow the publication of the same scientific works in two or more publications in the same language (the publication of translated manuscripts is permissible if the author justifies the expediency of such a publication);
  • to respect the ethical norms accepted in society and not to allow deviations from these norms not only in the content, but also in the form of the presentation of their research;
  • adhere to the principles of objectivity and evidence of scientific works, recognize the right of other scientists to their point of view, conduct scientific discussions in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect;
  • provide refutation or correction of errors, if any.

Independently provide information on the financial support of the research.

Borrowing and Removal Policy

Research results must be presented by the author without falsification or unfair data manipulation.

The manuscript submitted by the author is being tested in the Antiplagiat system. The level of originality of the text must be at least 80%.

Citations and references to data sources should be properly formatted. If authors use excerpts from other manuscripts in their work, they must provide links to the sources or obtain permission from the previous publisher or copyright holder. In some cases, the Editorial Board of the MCU Journal may decide to withdraw the manuscript (retraction). The manuscript will be officially withdrawn if at any stage of consideration, pre-press preparation or after publication by the editors or readers, a violation of the requirements of publication ethics is revealed. Reasons for retraction of the manuscript:

  • detection of plagiarism in a manuscript, incl. detection of borrowings of figures, graphs, tables, etc., if the fact of plagiarism became obvious after the publication of the manuscript; the emergence of claims regarding copyright for the manuscript or its individual parts from third parties;
  • discovery of the fact of publication of a manuscript in another publication before the date of its publication in the Journal;
  • the presence in the published manuscript of serious errors that cast doubt on its scientific value.

In such circumstances, the Editorial Board of the MCU Journal initiates a check, according to the results of which the manuscript can be withdrawn from publication by drawing up an act and notifying the authors. At the same time, the manuscript is not physically removed from the published circulation and the issue file on the website. The editorial board publishes a statement on the withdrawal of the manuscript with its placement on the corresponding page of the content of the issue on the official website of the journal and sends the information to the elibrary.ru system.